On the Move

It can be hard to find time to workout. There is always something that you can find to do other than put on your shoes and go to the gym. For those days that you know you are not going to be able to make it to the gym here are some things you can do. One, whenever you have a free moment that you are standing, for instance, standing in front of the microwave or in the elevator, do squats. When sitting at your desk at work do butt squeezes. While sitting in front of the TV or when getting ready for bed do some sit ups. Adding in these little things will make a huge difference.




Taking the First Step


My name is Kelsey! I have decided to start a blog to help people become more fit and learn how to live a healthy life style! Writing this blog is like starting to live a healthy lifestyle…it takes small steps and just starting somewhere in general. The first step is just deciding to go for it and make a change. Start with something simple, for instance, go for a 15 minute walk or cut one thing you eat that is unhealthy out of your life.

I am greatly looking forward to writing this blog and hopefully making a change in your life to live a healthy lifestyle!