Body by Jimmie

There are lots of great trainers out there to help you get in the best shape possible. Mine, is Jimmie. Jimmie has helped me learn techniques, has kept me in check when I would rather skip my workout and eat, and always keeps me wanting to push myself.

Jimmie has a boot camp that meets three times a week. On off days he texts you ensuring that you are getting in your needed cardio and eating properly to help keep you fit. He pushes each person in his or her own way. He gets to know you and figures out the ways to motivate you to get in shape.

Jimmie is also starting an online program for those that do not live in Gainesville, or cannot make it at the times of the boot camp. Now you can still have a workout schedule to follow and a trainer that can still check in with you!

When you see the results…you will not be disappointed.

Lets just say, Jimmie has become sort of an icon amongst the Greek community for people trying to get that toned, fit body many college girls want.

So why don’t you jump on board and get your summer bod, starting today!





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