Busy, Busy, Busy

Life can be crazy. There are days where you barely have time to stop and think. You go from work to class to meetings to doing homework…and it goes on and on. It can seem impossible sometimes to fit a workout into your day, and it’s an easy thing to shove off the list and say “I’ll just go tomorrow.” You need to find a way to ingrain it in you that working out is as important as going to work.

There are different ways that you can go about making working out be a part of your daily routine. For me, anything I write down in my planner I HAVE to do before I go to bed, or it drives me insane. So I always write down to run or workout…it is a set part of my schedule even if that means having to go workout at 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m..

You can do other things too such as, every time I am in the elevator I am going to do squats, or do jumping jacks for however long you have food in the microwave. You can also do core while watching TV, or for 10 minutes before going to bed. Throughout your day incorporate little workouts throughout what you are doing and then on your insane days you do not even have to step foot in a gym.


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