Healthy food can be yummy

Today I am going to take a little turn and talk about food. So far I have mainly been focusing on exercise, but to fully be able to accomplish your most healthy self you need to consider your diet.

Everyone always makes it sound like eating healthy either means, giving up everything yummy in life or having to make elaborate, expensive meals. Eating healthy can be done in delicious and cheap ways. I have found some sites that I use personally to find new yummy and cheap recipes that fit my college budget that I am going to share to help you kick off your healthy eating.

-Skinny Mom:        Found yummy things such as chicken wings, but shows a healthier way to make them!

-Greatest:    About to try their smoked sausage, white bean and spinach pasta!

-Frugality Gal:    Love the chicken burrito bowls!

And remember, just because you are eating healthy and exercising does not mean that you have to give up all unhealthy food for life! Everyone is allowed to have cheat days…just do not make those cheat days happen on a regular basis.


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