Food. Fun. Travel.

I personally am a HUGE fan of traveling. I like to travel whenever I possibly can. With traveling comes lots of opportunities to eat AMAZING food, and I never want to miss an opportunity to try anything.

On vacation indulging in some foods you would not usually, is totally fine! Like I’ve said before, everyone deserves cheat days…and vacations are the perfect opportunity for just that! But remember, you do not want to lose everything you have been working for, so that being said, eat what you want, but do not forget to exercise.

When on vacation if you can walk instead of taking a taxi or driving do that! When you walk around a new city you get to take in so much more, you see things that you would have missed in a car! Go explore places, go down random streets! Before you know it you’ll have walked 10 miles without even realizing it!

On vacation I also LOVE to go for runs! I just go and run with no plan. Whenever I do this I always find restaurants I want to try or places I want to go. I seem to always hit my highest mileage on vacations because I lose track of time looking around at all the new cool places.


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