Pinterest is a Girls Best Friend

Many of us girls have Pinterest and love to make boards with our dream houses, closets and weddings. We like to make our own little perfect worlds through Pinterest. But, Pinterest can also really help with living a healthy lifestyle. I love to go on and find new healthy recipes and different workout routines.

I have found so many great workout techniques by going on Pinterest and just typing in words such as bikini body work outs, get toned, 30-minute-work outs and other things like that. I also type in things like healthy dinner recipes that take less than 30 minutes or cheap healthy recipes. Sometimes you have to click-through a few before you find the perfect one, but it is fun and a different way to motivate yourself.

Create a workout board and a healthy eating board, then challenge yourself to try a different workout you pinned everyday for a week and do the same with healthy meals. It is a fun way to help figure out what exercises you like and what meals you enjoy.

So I am challenging you. Get on Pinterest, find seven meals and seven workouts and tell me what happens. Tweet at me if you do the challenge with some of your favorite meals and workouts @kelsgangle #dontstopmoving.


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